Largest Dutch mobile operator uses DPI

KPN is the largest telecommunications company in the Netherlands. Their market share in the Dutch mobile phone market is 47%.
Services like VoIP and IM are hurting revenues and KPN is planning to add an extra charge for mobile costumers who use services like Skype, Ping and WhatsApp. This has huge consequences. It will be the end of net neutrality in the Netherlands if the biggest operator charges for visiting specific websites or using specific applications.
KPN organized an ‘investors day’ in London on the 10th of May, where a question was asked about how KPN will discriminate on mobile internet content access.
The question was answered by Marco Visser, head of the Mobile Services Division.
He answers that KPN is the first operator in the world that uses Deep Packet Inspection to identify the destination of specific data packages. The webcast is here, near the end 3:32:00 – 3:34:30.
Basically it means KPN is monitoring its customers internet traffic without any legal basis. Probably this is illegal and the Dutch organization Bits of Freedom has started a campaign against KPN’s practices.